Company Info

Founded in 1990 as a computer technology export and sourcing company, Interbyte's strategy and activities evolved to those similar to a 専門商社 (senmon-shosha), a Japanese trading firm with expertise in the international business of specific industries.  Since formation, Interbyte has developed a unique range of experience, in the Technology, Scientific, Aerospace, Military and Energy industries.

Interbyte Export Logistics offers U.S. manufacturers the benefit of our twenty years of knowledge in the export/import industry.  We provide our clients with export consulting services customized to suite their individual needs, so they can reach the foriegn markets of their choice with less risk.


8500 Andes Cove
Austin, TX 78759

DUN & BRADSTREET: 78-106-9224

Contact, or call +1 512 342 0090 for further information.